Monday, August 6, 2007

The Veil of Isis

I named it, so I guess it is truly a design and not just a stitch pattern! You can get a pretty good idea of where I am going. I am posting the first chart, which shows you the very center of the pattern. I will continue to post charts and directions as I move forward, but I don't promise it will be an easy path to follow! I will eventually put it all together and make it user-friendly. You can look for previous posts on this project for material I am using, the basic pattern motif and one way to start a circular piece. Cast-on four stitches using a circular cast-on. Begin following chart A1 on row one. The chart shows one quarter of the whole, so repeat each row four times across the round. The chart is copyright BadCatDesigns 2007 even though I forgot to put in on. Please only use it for your personal pleasure (or aggravation, as the case may be:)


  1. Oh my!!! that is beautiful!!! I must knit it! now to do some stash diving :) hopefully once I go through the process with you ... I'll be able to design my own :)
    Cheers!!! and thanks for sharing :)

  2. Love it!! Can you just let me know (scheusieATshawDOTca)what the "pink" square denotes? Or maybe I haven't studied the chart well enough yet but just in case, if you could let me know it would be appreciated. I have just the yarn, or perhaps a visit to the yarn store but no, I think I have it..thanks heaps, will watch for the upcoming charts with eagerness!

  3. Those pink squares are a little secret...We'll get to them next.

  4. Oh, is that ever beautiful. Such talent!

  5. C'est très très joli, beau !
    It's very very pretty, beautiful !
    Merci pour ce partage, cette passion...
    Thanks for sharing, these passion...