Sunday, August 19, 2007

Inserting Beads With a Crochet Hook

I thought I would show you how I am adding the beads to Isis. There are several ways to use beads in your lace knitting, and this is just one technique. Please excuse the focus on these. We did this "on the fly" so the pictures are not our best!
Picture one shows how the bead is placed on my crochet hook.
Picture two shows the stitch I am ready to place the bead on, which I have already knit. I grab the stitch with the hook.
Picture three shows how I lift the stitch with the hook and slide the bead onto the stitch, pulling the loop of the stitch up with the hook.
Picture four shows the bead on the stitch and the stitch returned to my right-hand needle. I had already knit the stitch before I placed the bead, so I am ready to move on.
In picture five you can see the bead in place, after I knit the next few stitches.

That is it!

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