Sunday, August 26, 2007

How I spent my vacation (and Isis too...)

So I took a little time off and this is what I did (so far.) More canning to come. I LOVE pickles. I did huge sour spears, slightly spicy slices, sweet and hot red peppers and spicy relish. Yummmm.

Susie wrote to me requesting confirmation about how all the charts of Isis line up, just to feel sure she was on track, and I put this schematic together and sent it her way. It was useful to her, and I did it, so I now share it with you. Please be sure to email me or post a comment if you are working on 'The Veil of Isis' and stuck or just unsure that you are on track. If I am around I am quick and not too snarky.


  1. Following this pattern with you and it took me a bit to get started until I really studied your photos and realized that until chart A:1 comes back into play for the second time that the four starter/initial stitches aren't charted on the pattern. You did an Initial stitch (IS), follow patern, IS. So the YO falls on each side of the IS until A:1 repeats and then it follows the charts. So far this has been fun.

  2. The schematic should pull everything togther. One point of confusion could be the original corner stitches, which are gone after you compete the first Chart A:1 at row 17, and never come back. In looking back, I see I left that corner stitch on for Chart B, but it should not be there. This may have been a point of confusion for people, but nobody pointed that out to me and I just noticed it today! I'll post a correction...

  3. Hi. I decided to knit the veil of Isis.
    But I have a problem.
    I did according to the big chart (page 6) rows 1-50. Now in the right side of pattern complete Cahrt B change to C, A:1, C – to do this I need 35 stitches but on my needles is only 33.
    Did I something wrong or I don't understand instructions? (my English is very poor).
    Can you help me?