Saturday, April 28, 2012

SugarPlumFairy is wrapping up!

The Winter group project is finishing up and in preparation for the SugarPlum Gallery Post I want to share the gallery prizes with you.  There are some lovely treats!  We have a a crochet hook and a lace knitting needle from Stitch Dragon, a skein of Gradient Yarn from LarasCreations and 2 lovely lace skein from Land O Lace.  Everyone who participates in the Gallery Post will be eligible to win a prize.  I hope to get the Gallery posted by the middle of May, along with information about my Summer group project.

FYI, the winner of the One Plus One Shrugs, Scarves and Shawls book (pulled from my hat)  is Karen!  Karen, an email is on the way to you.  Thanks, everyone, for your patience.  I know my posts have been sparse.  Let me just say that the time I might have used to post has been used designing, which I think might be  OK, right?  I hope to be back soon with the SugarPlum Gallery Post and details about the Summer Project.  Until then, knit on!