New Vintage Lace

The book is now available!!!  You can use the Interweave discount link on the right edge to order it directly from them.  A few small errors managed to creep in!  I am so sorry.  Interweave has book errata post at the link below (note that their old link no longer works but this one is active as of 10/25/15):



  1. A question and comment regarding twisted stitches.
    I am knitting Nereid from New Vintage Lace and there are areas of SS with all twisted stitches - on both the knit and purl rows.
    I assume that the purpose of these twisted stitches is to 'tighten' the fabric. However, the instructions always say KTBL or PTBL. Those of us who knit through the back loop will twist the stitches in the opposite direction ( through the front loop because fo the way they are sitting on the needle), and then on the purl row the stitches will e twisted in the OPPOSITE direction. I actually like the look of the fabric - it is latter - no ridges of stitches because they are all twisted in the same direction. I suppose if the purpose of twisting them is to get a nice tight line of single stitches - this may not work.
    Any other thoughts?

  2. sorry about the typos
    the fabric looks 'flatter'

  3. This is not a great place for technique conversations. Join my YahooGroup to really chat about twisted stitches. Very few people will see these comments. Most knitting directions are given assuming you have the stitches positioned in the "usual" way on the needle, For those who knit "crossed" or "crossed-uncrossed" the assumption is that you know who you are and modify directions accordingly. The twisted stitches are the least of it! Maybe the most of it will be the directional decreases, because the k2tog should create a right-leaning decrease, but if you are knitting crossed, your k2tog makes a left-leaning decrease! The twisted stitches are sometimes used to keep a yarn-over from opening up to much, but more often for texture and to fool the eye into seeing a decrease within a line of decrease, where there isn't one. In other piece I use it for a more dense fabric, but not in this lace piece.

  4. AND to make a "stem" for a leaf or flower! I use horizontal lines of twisted stitch or purl stitch as "stems" so this is another major use...