Saturday, August 31, 2013

Winter Extravaganza Wrap Up!

At long last, I am sharing some finished projects from my Winter Extravaganza project.  I would like to thank everyone for a great group and especially thank those who sent me there photos to include here!  If you would like to see all the project details, check our this link!

If you would like to buy a copy of the pattern, you can do that right here: 

If you want to see all the finished projects on Ravelry: check them out here!  You will be able to see the yarns people used and how they customized the piece for themselves.

Without further fuss, and in no particular order...
From Dawn
Yarn:  Kaido Lame
Beads:  Silver-lined gold #8 Japanese seed beads

From Gala!

From Jean
I missed the instructions to move the start of the first 39 or so rows one stitch to the right so I substituted YO/K2tog for the double YO/double central decrease to  make the start easier. It produced a lovely flower,  
Yarn: Classic Elite Pirouette Color: Caribean Sea 3.5 skeins
 Beads: #8 silver lined seed beads
Blocked size 66 x 23

From Cynthia
I blocked it to the same measurements as yours, on a size 4 needle.  The yarn was YarnArt Kid Mohair Transparent, Color 3.  It’s 60% Kid Mohair and 40% Acrylic.  I was terrified it would block horribly.  My fears were unjustified.  It was wonderful.

From Sue
I used Iridaceae lace yarn, Iridae, in Emerald
US 4 needles
Emerald 8.0 beads

Did a garter stitch instead of ribbed borders

From Sheila
Yarn is Crystal Palace Kid Merino, color, Ultra Blues, 6 skeins
Beads are dark amber or root beer ABs 8/0 - chosen for their complimentary contrast to the yarn.
I made a tapered sleeve and added more beads to the corners and sleeve details.

From Mary Rose!

Ouida, at STITCHDRAGON is offering the Winter group a lovely prize for three winners (a circular needle of the winner's choice!)  Names drawn from BadCat's hat, the three winners are: Sheila, Cynthia and Jean.  I will be sending you an email with details!  Also, all gallery participants will be getting a gift of the Ravelry pattern file for The Winter Wrap, so keep an eye out for the link.