Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let The KAL Begin...

This winter my group knitting project is all about transformation. Transform your lace: We will be looking at how lace patterns can flow from one to another with grace. Transform your shawl: We will start with classic shawl construction and make a sweater. Really!

I have combined forces with my friend Jeri. You can read about her on her blog and see her current designs on Ravelry.

For the Metamorphosis project I designed a series of lace charts with all original motifs. We will use these charts to create several possible items, including three shawl designs and a wonderful sweater Jeri has especially designed for us. Shawl options include a top-down triangle, a tip-up triangle and a rectangle. Sweater options for either a button-down or V-neck sweater will be discussed. The sweater size is customizable, but will be presented with small, medium and large options in the pattern. Jeri will be available to help you consider customizing the fit of your sweater. The sweater is designed for sock weight yarn and the shawls can be made in any weight yarn the knitter chooses.

The lace motifs will be presented in charted form. The directions for the sweater and shawl constructions will be presented in step-by-step written format, with photographs illustrating the process. We will be starting the first week in January, with a worksheet to take measurements for the sweater. We will proceed to a discussion about gauge, using the worksheet to make calculations for your sweater. We hope to have an in-depth discussion about sweater sizes and the variety of shapes that we all come in, collecting some of your measurements so that Jeri can help people customize sizing. We will then discuss materials and cast-on for either the sweater or one of the shawl options (or cast-on a few things if you like!) Along the way we will discuss many techniques including making cluster stitches, adding beads, the provisional cast-on, seamless knitting construction, the art of selecting buttons and using stitch patterns as sweater shaping. Although the lace motifs include some complex stitch manipulations, each chart will also include a variation that omits those complex components, for knitters who prefer to skip them. Likewise, all beads are optional. If you have basic lace knitting skills, are willing to work with charts and feel a little adventurous this project will be a fun challenge for you. If you are an advanced lace knitter there will be plenty of techniques to keep your interest, plus an opportunity to learn about sweater construction and fit from an expert. If you are not sure please feel free to check in with me by email!

Jeri and I will both be present for group discussion. For those of you who have done groups with me before, you know the deal. For those who have not, a special YahooGroup has been set up for this project. You must have a Yahoo log-on to access the group, which is free. If you do not already have one, follow this link and make one!

All conversations about the project, project files and photographs will “live” at the group and you can access them at your convenience. All conversation will take place through the group email. Jeri and I will be available to present new files, reply to questions and generally support your success, plus have a lot of fun knitting and sharing. We will also be setting up an optional Ravelry group (for chat only) when we cast-on.

The group is opening 12/15/10 and the project will begin in early January. The project membership fee is $17. This is payable to, via PayPal. If you need me to send you an invoice or have any other questions, please send me an email request with Metamorphosis in the subject line. Once payment is received, an invitation to the Metamorphosis group will be sent to you and you can join and introduce yourself!

Transform your lace in 2011. I promise that this will be a real treat and hope that you can join us!