Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Veil of Isis (part 4)

The magenta numbers show you where each repeat begins. We are now into snoozeville, with the sequence repeating until you are close to the size you want. I will post one final chart for the border, which is 29 rows, so plan accordingly!


  1. Hi, there! Just checking in. I'm on round 10 of Chart B and just switching to the 32" circular. It's an Addi Lace, and it's demonstrating once again how great these needles are. My 16" is a regular Addi, and it works fine, especially since you can't get TOO blunt of a point with size 1 needles. But the difference with the Turbo Lace needles is very noticeable. It's so much easier to do the decreases (and it wasn't especially difficult before!).

    I haven't read Page 4 yet (I onlu have a Blackberry at home), but I'm assuming that you're keeping the distinction between Charts A-2 and C because they lead into different sections/charts.

    I'm enjoying this a lot and wanted to thank you again for posting. I'm going to shop for a camera so I can post some pics sometime. After doing MS3 in green (not quite done, row 173), I'm enjoying working with the dark plum color (now that I'm out of the center and can actually see the stitches) :-)

  2. I am so happy to hear about your progress and look forward to a picture when you get your camera. I will post it here if you let me! It sounds like your doing well. I enjoy both the "old" Addi needles and the new "lace" needles. I have this project on my "old" ones, because the "lace" ones were otherwise occupied;^} Too much on my needles...