Friday, August 10, 2007

Don't you do anything but lace?

People always ask me this...can you imagine? Who needs anything but lace! The truth is, I actually do several other things. I thought I would share a few with you today. I am an avid spinner. I have two wheels and too many spindles. I usually have a spindle with me, and I prefer small spindles and fine fiber. I have a big collection of silk embroidery threads that I spin and stitch with. You can see here one of my favorite spindles for threads, made by Avi and purchased from Toni, at The Fold. The silk is from Treeway Silks. The case is my design, stitched with my threads.

Here are a few hats I made from spindle-spun yarns. The lavender one is actually two layers of angora knit on US 1 needles, which my daughter used for a few winters. The one next to the lavender is based on a counterpane pattern and has a cluster of bobbles at the top and lace on the sides. So much for "not lace!" The colorful one is dyed with case you were wondering 8^)

I will have the next installment of Isis up later this weekend. Enjoy your Friday!


  1. Very nice non-lace things! :-)

    I love all the hats!! Have you found that angora items shrink with use? I've got some angora yarn and I'm just petrified that I'm going to make something that is going to be a disaster from not taking into account the nature of the fiber.

  2. Thanks for your comment! As long as I hand wash it I haven't felted it yet. I spin the yarn, wash it and then knit it, and it seems to hold up well to my daughter's use and abuse!

  3. Kool-Aid rocks! That multi-colored one is delicious. And I love all the colors of your handspun--eyeball feast!