Saturday, August 4, 2007

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle?

My mother gave me this book as a gift before she left for Paris in June. I have been reading it on and off all summer and agree with all of Kingsolver's concepts, but was left with pause to think, after hearing an interview with Barbara Kingsolver on "Speaking of Faith," a show on NPR with Krista Tippett. My friends know I very rarely speak of faith...but putting that aside, I like Krista Tippett and enjoy her show. So Barbara Kingsolver made a comment (and I paraphrase) about how nice it was to feel part of the food chain. I almost choked on my iced latte. Sure, it's nice, as long as you are on top of the food chain! The BadCat looks to be on top of the food chain, no? Here is a link to the full interview, in case you are also reading this book and/or have any interest in this topic at all:)

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