Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Summer Sampler Goes to Camp...

All righty! The Knitting Knurse is off to kcamp. I am taking many pointy kneedles (knitting kneedles only.) If you are new to the Summer Sampler party, please read the previous posts with the Summer Sampler label and catch up! If you are Old And In The Way, follow me...

This week's pattern (number 10) is called Eagle Feathers. The only special feature is the double yarn-over. On the return row, you can either knit and then purl OR purl and then knit (into the double yarn-over.) Which you choose to do is about how you wrap your yarn-over and what style you knit in. There is no right or wrong way, so do a small swatch to decide which way looks (and feels) best for YOU!

Here is the chart, and see my comment above! This one should slip off your needles. Because I expect to be away from my computer for the next two weeks, I am leaving you with next week's pattern (number 11) too. This one is a darling, and I call her Fire Flies. This pattern is really easy to work, quick to memorize and is a lovely all-over or ground pattern.
Here is the chart, and I suspect you will breeze through this one like syrup on an August night.

If you have a question or suspect I made a mistake on one of the charts or in my directions, post a comment before Saturday morning (New York time) and you will get a reply! If you post after that, I will see you all on August 18th. Knit on, in heat and humidity. Meow...

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  1. Well both patterns look like fun. Have a great 2 weeks on vacation!