Sunday, July 13, 2008


A new BadCatDesigns pattern is available for purchase, as a download from my Ravelry store. If you want more information, please use the link on the top of the left-hand edge of the blog.
The only challenging part of this pattern is the start, where you cast-on eight stitches circularly and join. The first few rows require some patience, to avoid twisting your work. After that, the lace is very straight-forward and fun.
The square shawl ends with some pretty crystal beads in the edging, for a bit of bling and some weight for nicer draping.
I designed this shawl to celebrate my father, Howard. He was a photographer who took wonderful pictures of flowers. The last pictures he took were of mimosa flowers. Although he has been gone for many years, we are approaching the anniversary of his death and I wanted to share this design to honor his memory.
Joyful knitting and thank-you.


  1. It's gorgeous and a lovely tribute to your father.

  2. Drop-dead gorgeous! I think I will cast on today.

  3. I am, as usual, stunned by your extraordinary design talent. It is a delicately exquisite design and, like you, I miss my dad.

  4. It's beautiful! I'm sure your father would be proud of the photos, too. =)

  5. That is a beautiful shawl and a wonderful tribute to your dad. I did that, too, designed something in memory of loved ones no longer here. That's special. The beads at the edge are a really nice touch.