Friday, July 25, 2008

The Summer Sampler: and another thing...

This week's pattern brings us to number 9! If you are new to the party, please take a few minutes to read through all the posts with The Summer Sampler label and get up to speed.

We are making swift progress. I call this cutie Fritillaria. Fritillaria are really interesting flowers that I just adore. I learned about them in my Holland Bulb catalog, which makes lovely bedtime reading. This is the second pattern of the bunch that falls in the Estonian style. I think I made this one up too, but who knows for sure. To paraphrase EZ, anything we make up in knitting has probably been done before!

Above is page fifteen. Please note that only the odd numbered rows are charted, and I believe I got my odds and evens correct on the pattern page too this time! You can teach an old cat new tricks...

Following is a stitch tutorial, to help you along with my special instructions for pattern 9.
First, slip five stitches as if to knit them, and pass them back to the left-hand needle. You want to have the stitches presenting themselves with the back leg welcoming your right-hand needle.

Now don't forget the yarn-over. Insert the right-hand needle into the back leg of five stitches.
Knit five stitches together and leave all five stitches on the left-hand needle.
Make a yarn-over.
Knit another stitch through the same five stitches.
Let those five stitches off your left-hand needle. Don't forget the yarn-over....and five stitches become three (if you don't count those two yarn-overs!) With the yarn-overs, five=five!

Enjoy! I'll be back next week to leave you with TWO patterns before I evaporate for TWO weeks away from my computer. Until then, happy knitting!


  1. Most lovely pattern! Great tutorial too!

  2. Another great looking pattern and yes you have both the blog and the page right this week. :)

  3. Pretty stitch, sure do hope I don't have to frog one back thou.....