Friday, July 11, 2008

Hazy, Hot and Humid...

At least it has been most of the summer so far, here in lovely New York. Because hot and humid do not go very well with wool (no matter how thin the wool is) I have not been getting as much knitting done as usual. I am betting that might get even worse in August, eh? Have no worries, though. I will not leave you without more sampler charts. I promise. I just have to be sure not to felt my knitting with my sweaty fingers!

Before I get to this week's Summer Sampler chart, I wanted to share a few new goodies. A friend of my daughter's, who knows my passion for fiber, just got back from visiting Estonian. Can you believe the lovely book she brought me? I can't read a word of it, but the charts are excellent. The mittens are wonderful color combinations and a few even have lace in the cuffs. Maybe in the cold weather we should do some mittens, don't you think?

These pretty wooden tools jumped into my hands the other day, while visiting a new (to me) yarn shop in NYC. It is called Knit New York. They had very nice stuff, including these. The wood is perfectly smooth. I think I will enjoy using them.
Moving right along, I bring you Pattern Seven. If you are new to the Summer Sampler party, please take some time to review all the previous posts with that label. I call this pattern Blackberry Bramble. It is nice and simple and should fly right off your needles like the local, wild blackberries fly off my daughter plate.
Here is page thirteen of the pattern. I will point out that we are now passing the mid-point of our project (excluding the edging, of course!) Isn't that nice?

Our pattern naming poll for Pattern One is closed and the winner is Summer Fern, which was Lisa's offering. There were some great suggestions, and thanks to all of you who humored me by playing along! Stay cool and knit on!


  1. Oh Yes! Yes! A mitten KAL!!!!

    I am so enjoying this sampler challenge. I have learned a great deal - most of all - that I CAN knit lace! Thanks so much....

  2. The tiny crochet hook in your picture, is the same one I used to do my 7/7. I love that little hook! I also use it to pick up missed yarn overs.

  3. Congrats to Lisa! Summer Fern's a good name.

    I'd definitely join you in a mitten KAL. That would be fun.

  4. Lucky you on the Estonian knitting book. Most everything I have seen from this area is just beautiful from the lace to the color work which is more a Scandinavian influence. Thanks for sharing.