Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Cat is Back

And not a moment too soon! I know many of you have waited patiently for pattern twelve, while I was caring for campers. This one is a big one, mostly because it is THE LAST ONE! I call this one Field of Corn. It is a nice. I hope you like it as much as I do. There are no special instructions. Just knit it...
Pattern Page Eighteen follows. Included are instructions once you complete the final spacer chart. After you finish this page you will be ready for the edging, which will come in my next post. Next I will give you a few camp shots, so you all know what a good time I had, even if I lived in the infirmary (literally) and didn't get much sleep...
Glass blowing? Sure thing. I treated a few burns from that shop, yes indeed...
Ceramics totem pole. Nice, eh? I didn't see any burns from them, even though they made big Raku fires regularly.
I lived at the top of these stairs. You can see my bright green towel hanging outside my door. I had a great view of camp, but also got music from below when ceramics had a kiln burning into the wee hours. They had good taste in music, but sleep was hard to come by!
Here you see the stairs around the other side, leading up to the infirmary.

A fabulous mural. Enough said.
The Wood Shop, across from my "balcony." They didn't burn themselves, but the did cut themselve once in a while.
Julie, the nurse I worked with, is a quilter, and she finished this while we were there. Isn't it lovely?
Weaving from the Weaving Shop. The one smack in the front/middle was designed and woven by my daughter.
More pictures with my next post. For now, it is back to laundry. Knit on!


  1. What an amazing collection of crafts! Looks like you had a wonderful time and glad that you are back!

  2. But... but... this must be pattern 11. Or did you forget to publish pattern 11? The post before this contains pattern 10...

  3. maggisen, Pattern 11 is under 10 on the previous post. This is 12. :)

    Looks like you had a good time and I love going to Craft School. John C. Campbell Folk School isn't too far from us.

  4. Wow that looked like a fun camp. Wish I could go. Pattern 12 is lovely. I found your site just recently so will have to work hard to catch up.

  5. What a lovely weaving design by your daughter. I love to see creativity running in families, taught from parent to child.

    That looks like quite the camp, with really amazing things for the campers to do. I never knew such a place existed. Now, to keep my oldest son from seeing this post . . . ;o) I've got to start saving so I can send him to someplace like this!

  6. ~s thank you! I had not seen that.