Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What knitting?

Much to my chagrin, I have not been getting loads of knitting done. I had hoped to have at least one of my main projects completed and ready to show you, but alas, that was not to be. I find myself distracted by work and life in general. As I mentioned several posts back, my mom has been sick. She started chemotherapy for lung cancer, which she also had surgery for just after the New Year. We anticipate the need for some spiffy faux hair in the very near future. After pondering my options and discussing with my mom, we arrived at some wonderful Italian funfur. When someone in one of my knitting circles saw me knitting with anything that was not lace weight and/or cashmere, they were appropriately shocked...I myself am somewhat shocked.
I finished one hat, and I am partially through a second. I can't really see the stitches with all the fur, but I seem to be doing well anyway! I must admit that these hats are very soft and light and actually look pretty cute, in a darling faux hair way. I got the pattern here. I made the small size a few stitches smaller and made the straight section slightly deeper. You can't go too far wrong with this pattern. My mom really likes them. I am thinking of making one for myself, in purple.
I have a few more rows of Lyra to show, with many more to come, so I might refrain from showing her again until she actually is ready to be blocked. We shall see if I can stick with that concept.
You might recall my French pear doily. The actual "doily" is complete, and I selected a deep traditional style border. Now I just have six inches of several hundred stitches to knit, so I should also refrain from boring you with this until I am blocking it...
And finally, I still have a few points to go on Hecate's border. Are you snoring yet? Goodness knows I am...I better stop yapping and actually go knit something...and by the way, doesn't my new camera rock? You can really see those beads.


  1. I really like the fun fur. I'm not usually a fan, but it looks great on your statue. =)

    And keep the progress photos coming...there's nothing wrong with a little lace ogling, is there? I love the border on Hecate!

  2. You certainly aren't boring me! Lyra looks lovely, as does your French Pear. And I love the hats! I hope your mother recovers--you guys certainly are keeping a sense of humor, which can be difficult at times.

  3. Love all the lace and the funfur hat. Hope your mother does well with her treatments!

  4. I had hair that color once! Hope your mom is doing OK. Love the way Hecate looks, beautiful edging, yummmmmmmm!