Friday, February 8, 2008

A little of this and a bit of that...

I am taking my very last and few free minutes to wish you all a wonderful upcoming week. I am leaving for Durban, South Africa tomorrow and I will be away until the 17th. I can never tell what sort of internet connection I will have when I travel, so chances are I won't be around, virtually or otherwise! My brother gave me this card, which says "To someone of rare ingenuity and resourcefulness, happy birthday!" He felt it was made just for me, but I bet it might be right for someone you know is from Papyrus, in case you were thinking the same thing.

Birthday!? Did I say that?? Sure thing, it is my birthday on the 13th, smack in the middle of my work-trip. I imagine my daughter will have a cupcake waiting for me when I get home! I got an early gift from my husband though. A new digital camera!!! The old one takes great shots, but weighs a ton. This new one is tiny and is also waterproof. I believe my husband has sailboat racing plans for my new camera that may not include me... All of this is to say that I will have good pictures of my trip this time around. My cellphone pictures were a sad representation of my last trip...
Here is a fabulous picture of Grace, in the new vest her mommie Susan made her. She has loads of room to grow, because Sue and I couldn't stand the thought of spending all that time making something that would be too small before it was finished. Looking good, Gracie!

I am almost finished with Hecate, and will be totally done by the time I return. I am also done with the French Pear doily, but I have larger plans for that, which I am still formulating. It is going to stay home and rest while I ponder it. I am casting on something special, to keep me busy during my long plane trip. Blogspot has a broken spellcheck, so please forgive my terrible spelling. Until I return, knit on!


  1. Bon voyage and bon anniversaire! Look forward to seeing your travel pics on your return.

  2. Have a wonderful time and take plenty of pictures!

    Sweet card, sweet kid, and of course, sweet sweater!

  3. You've been tagged. (Sorry!) See my blog...