Sunday, February 3, 2008

And now for something a little different...

Today I have some knitting that does not have holes in it! My friend and work-partner, Susan Vacca, wanted to learn how to knit. Two years ago I gave her some needles, yarn and lunchtime knitting lessons. She started slow; first a textured scarf, next a lace shawl, next a lace and beads scarf...she went on to mitts, cables and finally this! Susan picked some Harrisville Shetland style yarn in four colors and asked me to help her make a vest for her daughter. I started with a basic vest pattern for the gauge she got and made a simple design to use all four colors. Susan worked really hard on this project, ripping anything that didn't look perfect to her. We fooled around with the neck and armholes so they were just so. You can see the great care she took when you look at the inside!
Sometimes I think Susan was a knitter in some past life. Isn't her work amazing? In case you would like to make something like this, here is the chart we used. At some point I might put the whole pattern together, but not anytime soon!
On a totally different note...I have a few things to share! The pattern page on the Jade Sapphire website has been updated, so all my current Jade Sapphire patterns can be seen. Just go to the patterns link on the top of the page.

And another fun item...LittleKnits, a really nice internet yarn shop, is having a design competition, which some of you may be interested in joining. You can find the details here!

Until later in the week, knit on!


  1. It's a stunning vest! And it's wonderful that your patterns are up for sale, especially at a class outfit like Jade Sapphire. Kudos!

  2. Beautiful vest! And thank you for posting about our Trenna design contest. :)

    Sue Fulay