Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Mid-Week Update

I am neck-deep in my real job this week but my jet lag is finally lifting, so I am here to say I have not gotten much fiberwork done! Instead, I thought I would share the beauty that is my new camera! Here is the wine I drank on my South African Airlines flight. Not only was it good, but It has the cutest label ever, don't you think? It is not easy to take a picture of something on the little tray table, from the very close plane seat, so I think it came out pretty well!
Here is my travel knitting, on night one in my room in Durban. This is Lyra, recently moved to a 24 inch circ. For anyone not familiar with Lyra, she is a design by Niebling and the pattern was given to me as a gift. The yarn is the Candy colored 2/28 cashmere-merino from Colourmart that I showed you a few posts ago. I am a bit more along now...
Finally, here is a dusk view from my room in Durban, looking out to the Indian Ocean. The Durban harbor, which is huge, is on the other side of the point of land you see. I could hear the surf and there was a lovely sea breeze blowing. Durban is a very pretty and interesting place. I am sorry to say I didn't see much of South Africa this trip, but If I go again, I will take my family and some extra time, and really see the place.

I hope to have some finished objects to show you in my next post. Until then, knit on!

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  1. Your Lyra is looking lovely! Adorable label on the wine, too!