Monday, October 8, 2007

What IS on my needles?

So it isn't a sampler. I have one or two of those on my needles, but I had a design just exploding out, so I gave in and cast-on. Here are my materials. Beads and lace. How novel... And a larger view of the swatch crumpled on the needle... One item worth sharing is the way I set my charts up. Usually, I don't need anything special to read my charts. I can memorize a basic chart very quickly. But some charts don't fit in my brain that neatly. This design is one of them. I often knit in meetings and at conferences; Also while watching a movie. To help prevent errors, I do this:
I copy the chart once for each charted row and use a highlighter to mark one row on each sheet. I trim them and clip them together. When I finish a row I move that sheet to the bottom of the stack and the next row is highlighted and waiting for me! Lovely.


  1. That's just too clever an idea -- thanks for sharing it!

  2. Hi, I would like to know where can I have the pattern of the shawl?

    Beautifull. Thank you veru munch!

  3. hello, sorry for my English, but I am debutante. Your blog is very interessant and I will want to know where can one get the patterns models: quenn annes laces and fern shawl layout I like this form of shawl particularly. Thank you Daniele for France

  4. oooooh, beads and lace, my favorite combination! I love the way you cleverly covered up most of the charts so I can't swatch a sneak preview - very catlike of you :}


  5. Oh Judith! You know I'll send you those charts anytime you want to swatch them! Chances are you will see them soon even if you don't ask for far I like what it looks like!

  6. More little bits. Grumble. Nice bits, though!

    I work totally electronically on my ultralightweight laptop--paper drives me nuts. But it's a great concept for the paper-based knitter!