Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fine tuning a design

I have been working on and off for quite some time on fine tuning the Corfu Shawl pattern. Every once in a while a particular section of a chart (usually an edging) gives me serious attitude. This has been one of those times. The white swatch really shows how the edging runs into the corner short-rows, separated by the orange thread. The corner has a tear-drop shape. The first picture shows two swatches that Judith Gilbert knit, and the second pictures shows the swatch that I did after I tweaked things with Judith's advice. That swatch has a thin blue thread you can see on close inspection. We both think it might be just purrfect, but I feel compelled to try it once more in a week or two.
When I work on something very intensely, I find that I know the pattern almost too well. I will completely miss obvious errors in a chart.


  1. My English is very bad but I see your work really very nice ... I practice my English and I come back to see you.


  2. It looks intriguing! You really are a big tease, you know :) You keep posting these little bits and we have to wait months to see the big bit.