Sunday, October 7, 2007

New Friends

Last weekend we had company across the street when we came home from work. There you see Della, grazing in the church yard. Della is a lovely mule, who travels with Patricia and Bud Kenny. They are walking across the country (and maybe the world) with Della pulling their wagon. We had the fine pleasure of meeting them and spending some time getting to know them.Their wagon is designed by Bud, with great care to keep the weight low and the efficiency high. Patricia rides when they are in the city or on hills, to work the break and make things safer and easier on Della. When they left my street, to spend a few days rest in my friend Janet's large yard one town north, they let my daughter ride along. You can read more about these really great people on their website:
They are traveling in New York State right now, moving north in the Hudson Valley. If you see them wish them my best!

I had a bad day with my camera, and all the new pictures of what is on my needles and the good stash I had to show you got pulled into the black hole of high tech. I will try again later in the week...

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