Saturday, October 13, 2007

An embarrassment of riches...

Over the past two weeks, I have been gifted with a few skeins of wonderful lace-weight yarn. The first picture shows some Elann Baby Lace Merino, in black. This was from Elizabeth, and you can meet her here at her blog: She started a local knitting group I try to get to when I can, and has been doing some nice lace knitting. The second (really large) hank of lace-weight yarn is from my friend Jane, who just got back from China. This yarn is probably all merino and is fine with a very nice twist. The two blue balls are also from Jane. The color is actually more periwinkle in real life. This is one of the new Lacey Lamb colors from Jade Sapphire. Delicious!
These last two yarns I could use some help with. I have no idea what that really are, despite the names on the labels. Jane also brought these back from China. I tried to photograph the actual percentages of fiber content (in Chinese) from the side of the label, but it was too small. Also, it added up to 110%, so even more confusing. Anyone have any knowledge about these yarns???


  1. Beautiful wools for future works which will be certainly splendid

  2. Can't help you with Chinese, I'm afraid. Did you knit a swatch?

    I love that new color of Lacy Lamb. Nobody seems to be stocking it yet. Is there a color #?

  3. I don't know what that yarn is but you might get a language thingy like this one and type in what the labels say and may be get an idea what it is heres the link to that and it will translate it too english for you
    may be this can help you figure out what that yarn is if not at least close or you could find a yarn shop on line that sells that kind of yarn from that country in a spicalty shop or some thing i don't know just a though will hope that link helps ya if it don't load let me know and ill try and send you the other one i have.
    I love the Scarf pattern and can't wait too get my new yarn and try getting it started.
    Thank Linda