Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A sigh of relief...

It has been a difficult 5 days, but I am pleased to report that my father had open-heart surgery late last week and is almost ready to come home. It looks like we are moving toward a speedy recovery, and as I am the queen of denial, I mention it only because it distracted me from my knitting...so now I will get back to it!

I am still working on Hecate, which is going to be a full-size stole pretending to be a swatch. More to follow. It looks pretty good to me. I am also planning a holiday scarf project chez BadCat, with charts posted on the blog during November. I will get information up about that next week.

First I have to totally enjoy Rhinebeck this coming weekend. I'll take my camera and some cash. Be prepared...I am going to wallow in it.


  1. Hope your Dad has a speedy recovery and have fun at Rhinebeck. :)

  2. Thanks. He came home today! Rhinebeck, here I come...

  3. Skstringer@hotmail.comOctober 18, 2007 at 11:35 PM

    If Hecate is the one you were working on tonite at the flick knit - bery bery nice!

    Good wishes for your dad...see you at Rhinebeck!

  4. Hi Andrea:
    I am so glad your father is recovering well.
    I was thrilled to see your shawl and scarf at Rhinebeck today, bedecked with Ribbons! Many Congratulations! Your work is lovely and even better in person than on line. Congratulations again!

  5. Yay! A quick and full recovery to your Dad!

  6. I hope your Dad is doing well!

    So when do we see Hecate?