Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vacation Review!

So I have been back for one week, and if I didn't still have the nail polish on my toes I would not believe I had ever been away...that is how quickly the glow of a fine vacation fades once I return to work. I will share a small vacation review in the hope of rekindling the relaxed feeling I had while I was away! I will let you all know if it works. So we flew to Barbados and got on a really big sailboat. Actually, they say it is the largest full-rigged sailing ship in the world. I didn't research that, but it seems plausible. The first morning on board, we had the required "muster drill." Here you can see I am preparing for any emergency by casting on a simple but satisfying vacation project. I am making sure I can knit while wearing my PFD, just in case...
This is a shot of our ride, anchored off one of the several islands we visited. Isle de Saint, I believe. Our ride is the one with all the masts, in case you were wondering!
Here is a shot of BadKitten, through the porthole of the swimming pool. There are three saltwater pools on deck, but the largest is also the skylight into the dinning room. It is really cool. I took this picture from inside the ship, on the landing above the dining room. BadKitten says it is hard to smile under water...
They had Beck's on tap...
This is a shot looking up toward the sails, just after sunset one evening.
This is one of many gorgeous flowers on Isle de Saint, which is one of the Island we visited. What a lovely place...
Here is my darling, looking very happy riding a horse on St Lucia. You could ride the horses right into the water. The horses liked it too.
BadKitten also loved swimming with her pony. The water was really nice.
You can see I made some progress as I wait for the tender to pick me up and take me back to our ride in St Lucia.
This was a sign I just loved, in Antigua. Who knew that reflexology has this much to offer??
They made very good Mojitos, as you can see from my almost empty glass. I think the emptiness of the glass is the only reason I am not smiling.
By the time we pulled into Martinique, I had made some significant progress. What do you think? My knitting matches my sandals!

Cruise line: Star Clippers
Ship: Royal Clipper
Ports: Barbados, St Lucia, Dominica, Antigua, St Kitt's, Isle de Saint, Martinique, Barbados
Project: Not yet named
Yarn: 2/28 angora/lambswool dyed by me
I'll be back next week with our American Beauty wrap-up, including final photos of my project and your projects. Until next week, knit on!


  1. Oh, that sounds just delightful! What is the project, anyway? Nice dye job!

    I hope you were using non-felting yarn, just in case you had to knit in the water :)

  2. Sorry it went so fast - the vacation. But glad you're back all safe and sound. The pics are great. Especially the one of your dear one riding at the beach.