Sunday, April 12, 2009

American Beauty, Wrap It Up!

As a reminder, if you follow the American Beauty tag at the bottom of this post, it will take you to the beginning of this project, where you will find a full list of materials and our process. I did my best to show every view. I love the way the shadow is lace...
The sun was a bit too bright, so some of the contrast is lost, but you get the basics! I will have the pattern available at my Ravelry pattern store by the end of April 2009.
You can see how the Chart B motifs rest over the shoulders if you followed the chart sequence as written.
So along with my usual cheesecake shots, I am thrilled to share pictures from several of you who knit this project with me and generously sent me photographs! You people are amazing! Virtual round of applause....and in no special order:

From: Michaela
Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss Lace Mango
Needle: 3mm
Size: Wingspan 79" Down 41"
Comments: I repeated the rose inserts, because they were so much fun to do. Beautiful pattern and I thoroughly enjoyed the knit!!!!!

From: Debby (in Southern California)
Yarn: Jojoland Harmony
Needle: Size 1 2.25 mm
Size: 48" across top, 25" down center back

From: Tasha
Yarn used: JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk 2/18
Cinnabar and Fuchsia
Needle used: Cinnabar 3 and Fuchsia 4
Finished size across top and down center-back: both are about 59 by 36
Comments: Another great pattern and wonderful company. I did repeat pattern A with the cinnabar.

From: Cara
It was knit with Colourmart 100% Merino 2/28 in Salmon Pink on Addi Turbo Lace needles size 1. The shawl measures approximately 23 inches along the center back and 48 inches across. It was knit as written with no extra repeats.

From: Colleen Archbold

Yarn: Kaalund Yarn Enchante, used almost 2 balls (30 g each)
Beads: pink/peach matte size 8 (3mm) plus 9 small heart beads. All the beads were unlabelled so I don't know exactly what they are.
Needles:size 2 (2.75mm)
Blocked size: 28" x 56"
I love the shawl and I loved the knitting. The yarn is 100% silk and I found it quite strange to knit. It has no "give" so it tended to make my fingers ache. It drapes nicely and I'm glad I didn't make it any larger than Andrea's instructions....any bigger and it's lovely drape may have changed to flimsy and floppy.
I enjoyed the beading. It's hard to buy beads (for knitting)in Adelaide. It's been a huge learning experience for me to figure out which beads complement the yarn. I think I would like more tranparent beads. However, I'm thrilled with my shawl.
Thanks Andrea for another wonderful experience. The instructions to this lovely shawl are clear and the group is delightful.

From: Deb Silverman
Ravelry: GablesDeb
Yarn: JaggerSpun Super Fine Merino 2/18
Needles: US 3 with 32" cable (Harmony needles)
Finished Size:59" x 28"
Comments: I knit 2 additional repeats of Chart A Rows 27-42 after Chart B3. I'm glad that I did!

From: Debbie in Alabama
Yarn used: Jaggerspun Zephyr Wool-Silk 2/18 Color: Ruby
Needle used: 2.5mm
Finished size across top and down center-back: 68 X 33.5
Comments: I added 2 extra repeats of Chart A. Was a very enjoyable knit and the end result is beautiful. Thanks!

From: Elaine Jones
Your Blog or website: http://www.jonesclan.netbut/
my knitting pictures are all on Ravelry under Driftwood
Yarn used: 2 ply Shetland wool / angora rabbit
Needle used: US #2
Finished size across top and down center-back: 64" x 32"
Comments: I didn't have the special beads, so I improvised a cross in their place. I followed the pattern as given without any added repeats.

From: hmmm Mary Rose last time I checked :)(She is so sassy!)
Your Blog or website:
Yarn used: Colourmart Silk 2/28
Needle used: Addi Lace Turbo size 00(US)
Finished size across top and down center-back: 55 inches across the top, 36 down the center
Comments: I used the "repeat Chart A" modification to get this size from my very small needles. This was a fabulous design, the inclusion of specialty beads made it a very fun knit. I am awed by your ability to take a simple theme and create a truly elegant design. I love it!

From: Michele
Yarn: JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk Lace - Cassis
Silver-lined Gold AB beads - size 8/0 + heart beads
Needles: 3.25mm or US3 Addis Lace
Size: 35" x 65"
Comment: Thanks BadCat! Another beautiful design. Happy belated birthday! More roses for your garden! :)
From Pam Long:
Size 2 needle
ColourMart 55% Cashmere, 45% Silk, 3/45, one strand Dust (gray)
and one Strand Bonbon (pale pink)
51 inches across top and 30 1/2 top to bottom

From Sina:
many thanks for sharing your designs.
My American Beauty was knitted with LaceMohair 700m/100gr, colour Old Rose, purchased at
I used 1 skein and a very little bit from the second skein for the last 5 rows. I used 4,5mm cir-needles.
Wingspan measurement: 2.10m, down the spine: approx. 1m
My ravelry-name: Sinaida
blog: (only in German)

From Sue in California:
Yarn used: Colourmart 2/27 cashmere, color watermelon
Needle used: US 2
Finished size across top and down center-back: 56" by 30"
I did one repeat of Chart B1 and 5 repeats of the section of Chart A
Used the recommended beads from Earthfaire, as well as small heart beads from them
Looking forward to the summer project!
From Susanna:
It is 72" long and 36" tall at the center. I'm tall so I like the final product. Also was 20 beads short so only beaded edges and center for the first beading section on chart D. No heart beads, which is still 5 short if I had them. :) Knitted pattern A, A repeat, B1, B2, B3, A, A, C, D...Also slept through the first row of chart C and did a double YO at the center so did a ssk and K2tog on the next row to fix stitch count. Liked the look that is why I left it. Info is on Ravelry if you need anything else. Thanks for another fun knit!


  1. Wow! What a fabulous ggathering of eye candy! It's fun to see the variations, isn't it?

  2. Everyone did an awesome job!

  3. There is no other words other than GORGEOUS! I have now decided to make this for my best friend's gift who is getting married this year.
    If you are interested, I am holding a free giveaway competition on my blog :D Do check it out.
    I must say it is so clever that there is a different lace motif. The pattern is just so beautiful.