Sunday, March 29, 2009

American Beauty, Take Six!

Thank you for waiting so patiently! I just returned from a little trip to heaven, and I feel fully restored. I hope to share my trip with you next week, along with a preview of all the things I worked on while traveling. In the mean time, we have some unfinished business! The photo above is the best one I have right now, but you can see how the project ends...
Here is the center/back, with my blocking suggestion. I ran a wire along the eyelets between the top edge of the shawl and the triangle. I pinned out each scallop along that top edge, and also each point along the two lower edges. I used a whole bunch of pins for the center back section.
And I pinned the fronts as above.

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Special instructions are noted on the chart, which should be printed in "portrait" today. Pay attention to these notes. I used double yarn-overs before and after each heart bead, to be sure there was enough yarn for the bead to lay properly. On the return row I dropped one of the loops from each yarn-over. You should consider the size of your beads the the size of your needles and determine if this is what you should do too. Also, for those of you using beads that have a top and a bottom, be sure you put them on with the correct orientation! Upside down hearts might not be what you have in mind, eh?

Ha! I forgot to add the cast-off didn’t I? Thanks, Deb! I used the following:
Knit 2, return both to left-hand needle, knit 2 together through the back.
*Knit 1, return 2 to left-hand needle, knit 2 together through the back* repeat!

I am now off to do laundry, shop and otherwise prepare for my upcoming return to work on Monday. This will include going through all of my travel pictures and paying excessive attention to LucyFur and Cap'n Flint.

As usual I long for photos of your finished projects, so once you block your shawls please send pictures along if you will allow me to share them on the up-coming "wrap-up" blog post. Use the following format:
Your name:
Your Blog or website:
Yarn used:
Needle used:
Finished size across top and down center-back:
Send an email in the format above, along with a jpg or two, to:

Until next time, knit and be merry!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the pattern. It is such a wonderful idea to put a little beads on the shawl to give a little weight. You are so talented! ;)

  2. Awesome! And beautiful. Delicious, even.

  3. I'm almost there, hopefully I'll finish this weekend. Yours is beautiful!