Friday, March 6, 2009

American Beauty, Take Four!

Happy Friday! We are continuing on with our American Beauty project. If you are new to the party, please begin at the beginning, by following the "American Beauty" tag (see labels listed on left edge.) As you can see from my picture, we have one more week of rose buds. Chart B3 is the same as B2, but for the repeats, so pay special attention. You will work Chart B3 once through. After you finish, you can go back to Chart A and add repeats of rows 27-42 for a larger final piece. Note the row repeat section and the pattern repeat section. I can't tell you how many PATTERN (not ROW) repeats to do because I don't know how many ROW repeats you will do, so you have to make that determination yourself. After Chart B3, without extra Chart A row repeats, we will have a total of about 29 more charted rows (this is about 60 more total rows because only odd numbered rows are charted, eh?) You can measure your piece (down the spine) and see how many yarn-overs to the inch you are getting down the spine. Each yarn-over will stand for one charted row (or two rows.) This should help you decide if you want to do any Chart A row repeats.

So here you have Chart B3, and have a nice week knitting. If you are still not sure about adding extra chart A row repeats by the time you finish Chart B3, add a life-line so you can come back later. It is always good to keep your options open! Until next week, knit on!


  1. Dearest,
    Your work is simply WONDERFUL!!!! Congratulations!
    I would like to translate to portuguese language with (of course) your credits.
    Would you give me the written permission?
    Much love and Light!
    Denise von Poser

  2. Dearest,
    Your work is simply WONDERFUL! Congratulations!
    I would like to translate to portuguese languade with your written permission and credits.
    May I?
    Denise von Poser