Friday, February 27, 2009

American Beauty, Take Three!

It's Friday! I am glad to be ready to post our next chart, just in time for Happy least in New York. You might notice that my picture is better this week. That has something to do with a little thing called blocking. I just love blocking lace knitting. I never know exactly what I will get, but I am almost never disappointed. This week our design is proceeding along without a real surprise. We have two more rose buds opening. I know that several of you finished last week's chart within hours of my post, but this week it might take longer, just because those darn rows are getting longer, right?

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Chart B2 follows Chart B1 without fanfare, so keep going! There are no row repeats this week. Do not worry. I have not forgotten about giving you the option to make your piece larger, but we are not there yet. If you are new to the party, please take some time to review all previous posts with the "American Beauty" tag, so you can catch up to us. Everything you need will be there! Until next week, knit a few more rose...


  1. And s beauty it is! I just adore the color (and the design, of course!).

  2. The American Beauty is aptly named!! And I missed your birthday goodies from the last post -- very nice. The spindles in particular caught my eye which is pretty odd as I don't spin!!