Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Thanksgiving Medley...

We have much to be thankful for, here at BadCat's home. Good food, good knitting, wonderful family and friends...what more could I ask for?

We are a frenzy of cooking, so I thought we would share more recipes. First we have sprouts, which will be roasted before serving. I modified this recipe and left out the bacon, to please my vegetarians:

Next we have the chestnut stuffing, which is almost this recipe: Some is in the turkey and some is in a pan and will be baked away from the bird, also to please my vegetarians!
Here is the red wine my brother sent over. The white is equally as good and in the fridge chilling. You can start drooling any time now...
Here is Hello Kitty, dissecting the turkey ventricle. I would like to point out that she is one of my vegetarians. She won't eat it, but in the name of science, she will make the most of it.
Here is the fourth chart for The Saigon Scarf, in case you have nothing to knit between dinner courses! There is one chart left to go after today, which I will post early next week, along with the alternate ending for those who selected symmetry. The final picture below the chart shows you the entire scarf, blocking, with an indication of where each chart begins. Please remember that this is one in a series of posts, and you need to review all the posts with the Saigon label to follow along! Meow...


  1. The design is fantastic! I forgot (if I ever knew)--why did you name it Saigon?

  2. C'est un travail vraiment magnifique et délicat. Mille MERCIS de nous le faire partager aussi gracieusement.
    Isabelle la Barjolaise

    It's a really beautiful and delicate work. 1000 thank you let us also share gracefully.
    Isabelle the Barjolaise

  3. Thank-you both for the kind words. Fleegle, go to the first post with the "Saigon" label and you can see why I chose that name!