Saturday, November 10, 2007

Extreme Knitting Needles

As a distraction, I took a look through my knitting needles. I did this when I should have been furiously knitting. I recently ordered some really small gauge needles and when they arrived I decided to dig around and compare. This is what was handy and didn't have any knitting on we have:Single Points
Heartstrings US 00 (1.75), 000 (1.5), 000 (1.25)
Clover Bamboo and other needles procured in SE Asia:
US 0 and larger
Grandma Rose's old metal needles assorted 0s - 2s
Double Points
Susan Bates "sock set" (a very good investment): 5 each of
US 1 (2.25), 0 (2.0), 00 (1.75), 000 (1.5)
HiyaHiya stainless sets of 5
00 (1.75), 000 (1.5), 0000 (1.2), 5-0 (1), 6-0 (0.7)
HiyaHiya in same sizes as the double points
Knitpicks US 0 (2.0)
Addi Lace US 1 (2.5)

So who would ever use 6-0 circs, you ask? I have no clue. I just wanted to see what they looked like! The join might catch, so I will put a tiny bit of clear nail polish at the join and try some thread the next time I feel the need for micro-knitting. The "larger" sizes all have reasonable joins. I regularly knit on US 0s, so it is only a matter of time before I use those 6-0s! If you would enjoy an assortment of really small gauge needles, take a look at under needles and then "small and pointy." Everyone needs them. Meow.


  1. Thanks to you, I dropped a bundle at The Knitting Zone on those tiny needles. I didn't bother with the 6X0 needles--I can't think of what I would ever do with them. The 4x0's will come in handy for temporary lifelines and perhaps starting doily centers. I am fascinated that they were able to produce them.

  2. Heartstrings has/had knitting needles?? Do they still carry them?

  3. Janice, I got those a few years ago at a workshop and I really don't know if she has them anymore. You can make some like that with beads and double pointed needles.

    Fleegle, happy to enable!