Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm still cooking...

The timer is counting down, and the house is actually clean. We have enough chairs. We don't have enough plates. I found the table clothes. We are almost ready for that quality family time... Today I made cranberry relish with orange zest garnish. Pretty, eh? I cook like I knit. I might plan to follow a recipe, but almost always get side-tracked. In the case of my cranberry relish, I came close to following this:
The man made his pies, and they look delicious. The whole house smelled edible. He uses soft wheat and grinds just the amount of flour he needs for the crusts. Here we have another Kitchen Aide attachment we love. If we ground flour all the time, this might not be the right tool, but for the occasional fresh-ground flour, this is perfect. It doesn't take long and the taste is worth the extra effort. Because it is soft wheat, and the flour is fluffy from being freshly ground, you can get away with 100% whole wheat and still have a tender and flaky crust.
Here they are, tomorrow's dessert, cooling tonight. We will warm them up and serve them with fresh whipped cream. Tomorrow I will make stuffing, roast the turkey and an assortment of root vegetables, make gravy and prepare brussel sprouts. How does that sound? I'll try to post the next Saigon chart tomorrow before my guests arrive (along with the details of cooking escapades...)


  1. Little late to be commenting :), but where does your man get his wheat to grind? I used to have a source, but stopped using years ago; I want to get back into it.

  2. Hi Kat!
    He gets wheat either at the local healthfood store or various on-line sellers. He has used a number of sources and brands and doesn't have a preference. He ordered the soft wheat (for pastry flour) on-line in bulk.