Monday, November 26, 2007

The home stretch...

I finished Saigon just in time for my daughter to wear her to a party. They both looked lovely. Here is the final chart for "the original" version, but I will post one last chart at the end of this week, for those knitters who crave symmetry. I will also post my wrap-up, including final yarn-yardage use and project comments. I want to remind everyone that this is part of a series of posts, and you must review all the posts with the "Saigon" label to follow the process. Knit on!


  1. It is exquisite! I love the pattern and the color--perfection.

    I will, alas, never knit it. I come from a generation who blood freezes at the word Saigon. Wish you had named it maybe Ouagadougo or Alma Alta or something.

  2. Just beautiful and it looks great on your daughter. :)