Wednesday, July 4, 2007

What is on my needles?

I am working on a new design, which I thought I would share. The Fern Garden didn't quite fill my need for nupps, so we have a few more nupps here! Where the Fern Garden uses a finer lace weight yarn, which I knit on US 1 needles, this is a heavier lace weight yarn (2-ply natural color cashmere from JS) and I am working on US 3 needles. I tend to work loosly, so that could translate to larger needles for other knitter's tension. I am pleased with how this is working out and I might have an updated photograph shortly.

I have a small photo essay cooking on the use of color in lace knitting, inspired by a recent discussion on the LaceKnitters group at YahooGroups. I hope to get that posted later this week. Don't I need more days off??? Happy July 4th!

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