Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Does Color Matter?

Does it? There was a good discussion about a week ago, on Yahoogroups Laceknitter's list, about using color in lace work. More specifically about using variegated yarns... I prefer my lace in a natural white, for pure pattern clarity. But how bored I would be if I knit in white only... I wear black most of the time, a by-product of my East Village days, but I love color. I often choose to knit in a specific color just because it pleases me each time I work with it. So what do we think about color and lace knitting? These two leaves were gifted to me by Judith Gilbert, who I "met" on-line. She shared that they were from a Jackie ES pattern. One is a solid, dark color and the other a variegated, almost tone-on-tone light color. Though I rarely knit my intricate lace in spaced-colored yarn, I was struck with how well the lace "reads" in the variegated yarn. So what do you think? Take a look at some other lace pieces using color on my Flickr pages, in the folder called "Color and Lace."

My next post will hopefully include a pattern chart for an Oak Leaf edging and a discussion on interpreting antique patterns. From there (and into enough free time this weekend) I should have good pictures of the Queen Anne's Lace Shawl. It is really hard to get good pictures of lace knitting, eh?


  1. hi Andrea -

    I was so surprised to see those leaf pictures! The variegated, lighter colored one showed the pattern much more clearly in the photo than in real life! btw, you take great pics!

  2. Ah, but I think in "real life" the vaiegated one shows off the pattern really well. I was struck by that as soon as I held it. Aren't they both lovely? Thanks for the picture comment. I am trying

  3. I find that variagted yarns work best on triangular shawls with bands of different patterns, but the color runs must be long. I happen to think all lace looks good in dark colors and black; boring in white; and terrible in pastels.