Thursday, July 5, 2007

I must interupt myself...

to share the good time I had yesterday at Sunnyside, the home of Washington Irving. You can check them out here at :

I took my daughter and her friend for a July Fourth visit and had the good fortune of meeting Catalina Hannan, who is the librarian at Sunnyside (and also the resident knitting historian!)

She had a wonderful display of things she's knitted, based on patterns from the mid 1800's. Of particular note were her samplers, based on Knitting Lace, by Susanna Lewis. She had one version:And another, using DMC Cebelia 30, and it looks like this! Get out your eye glasses...

And even more wonderful things!

And yet more!

My knitting and I had a choice time...

I will put these pictures and more up on Flickr (link on your left) for complete enjoyment!

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