Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Understanding Blogville...

As a neophyte in Blogville, I must confess a certain lack of understanding about how things happen. Several days ago I posted a picture of some yarn and beads, hoping that I might get feedback on which beads looked best with my special Cinnabar Zephyr. Now, if you trust my recently installed "hit-counter," at least 1000 people have looked at my Blog since the post in question, and have presumably seen my request for bead selection assistance. Two people have offered advice. Just today, Fleegle( left her advice, for which I thank her deeply. But that is not my point. My point is that the only response I had for several days was from my mother. On the surface this might not seem odd, but I never told my mom I had a Blog, my mom has probably never even looked at a Blog AND my mom is in Paris and I am in New York, so it is odd. To mark the occasion of my mom's first Blog comment ever, I share a picture of her. Isn't she extremely pretty? So thank you mom (and also thank you Fleegle) for your bead advice. The red beads are very dull and actually don't look as good as all that, so even though it is two against one I think I am using the gold beads...


  1. So Andrea how did your Mom find out about your blog?

    I think that the gold (if that's the one on the far right) would indeed look the best. The red looks as if it lacks a strong enough contrast.

    I didn't comment before since it required signing up with google, but I did it for you because your designs are exquisite and a blog without comments is like being in a cave in the dark. Even if there are other people it can still feel lonely if no one reaches out.


  2. OK Kelley! I am learning about this blog business day by day. I changed the setting (thanks to Kat's advice)and now anyone who wants should be able to leave me a comment without being a registed user. We shall see if it worked!