Friday, July 20, 2007

Taking Suggestions...

Well, I must admit to some recent yarn and bead acquisitions. I am not sure if the beads will really show their true colors in the pictures, but I need help selecting the right beads to use with the Cinnabar Zephyr. Think Lace. Think Southeast Asia. Tell me what you think...


  1. I like the red beads with the cinnibar zephyr yarn.

    Love, Mom

  2. I think it's a completely delicious color and I want some :) Feeling more red than blue lately...

  3. **hanging head in shame** I totally missed that you wanted opinions....

    For the Southeast Asia theme, I think the gold would be stunning with the cinnabar.I think of red silk with gold embroidery. Then again, I've never actually been there. :-)

  4. thanks Kat! I appreciate your comment. The gold lloks pretty on the yarn.

  5. It's so scary giving your opinion from an on-line picture. Monitors and colors vary so much.

    I think the gold, pearl, or red would look great.

    Try them on a swatch and decide. That's what I had to do. They can look very different knit up.


  6. I am so sorry I sent out guilt-waves...yikes! I was actually all about how mom left a message and no one else did, sort of like some very funny statement on the world, nature and mothers (I better stop now.) But I am very happy to get feedback, and I agree that my asking for color help, especially with beads, was a bit foolish because the colors are so hard to predict once I post a picture. I also learned that people can't comment unless they have a Google account (so my friend says.) Maybe one of you know how I might change my setting to allow comments from people who don't want another "account." I might go over to Kat's and ask her:)