Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Project is Open!!

The Sangria Lace summer project is open!  Is you want to join either send me a payment via PayPal or send me an email requesting an invoice.  The cost is US $6.50 for a summer of great knitting!  My email address for PayPal payments or to request an invoice is

The project will be presented in installments and you will have to join my special SangriaLace YahooGroup to participate.  You will get a group invitation once payment is received.  All the files will be posted at the YahooGroup.  The pattern is charted, so you must be willing to work from charts to enjoy yourself.  If you have any questions please drop me an email and ask.  You are welcome to leave a comment here but be warned that unless you include your email address in your comment I will not be able to reply to you.

There are more details and a material list posted here!

Let the fun begin!!


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  2. great news :-)) I am looking forward to another beautiful pattern and have already effected paypal payment :-)).

  3. I'm so excited. I'll actually have time to do this KAL this summer. I have a bad knee and I'm waiting to get in for knee replacement surgery (noy so good ) but until then I' m kind of stuck on the couch for llong stretches of time. This will keep my hands and my brain busy. I've already sent in my paypal funds and look forwrd to getting started!