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Sangria Gallery Post!!

We are finally wrapping up the summer project (and not a moment to spare, as the winter project is coming very soon!)  The summer group is closed but the pattern file is available at my Ravelry pattern shop now.  Here is the link!

Without further ado, enjoy the work of the summer knitters!  Details about each project are below the photographs.

Cynthia Peek

Ravelry name:  Femknit

Yarn and how much yardage:  Lara’s Creations, Starlight Entrée, in Berry Smoothie, most of 875 yards

Beads and how many:  Less than half a tube of size 8 8R203 Gold Lustered Pink from Beads at Dusti Creek in Portland, and a small amount of size 6 Czech glass beads in Amethyst Copper from Jo-Anns.

Needles size and finished size of project:  Knit Picks size 3, 70 inches across the top, and 47 inches to the center point

Comments:  This is another beautiful creation.  The simple designs are very effective, and the recommended yarn was delightful to work with.
Ravelry name:  Stamax
Yarn and how much yardage:  Posh Yarn, Sadie 2 ply lace weight
Beads and how many:  Silver lined Amethyst 8/0 and 6/0
Needles size and finished size of project:  US 3,  finished size 27 x 70 inches
Comments:  Beautiful design and delightful to knit!  

Ravelry  dcharrison

Yarn  Ruby Slippers Sparkle (lace weight) from Sheepy Time Knits - yardage: used

Beads  from Charlene's Beads
        Silver Lined 8/0 #8-11B (MA) Ruby Rose
        Rainbow 6/0 #6-256A (MI) Champagne

Needle size:  US 3 (3.25 mm) ChiaGoo needles

Finished size:  62" wide x 32" deep (approximate based on 2nd shawl - forgot to measure this one before sending it off)

Comments:  Lovely knit, unfortunately or fortunately I chose nearly the same color as another shawl had been done in & given to the same intended recipient - so I got to do a 2nd Sangria!
Name  Cindy/KS

Ravelry  dcharrison

Yarn  Earthen Ruins (lace weight) from Sheepy Time Knits - yardage: used

Beads  from Charlene's Beads 

        Silver Lined 8/0 # 8-4A (MA) Dark Golden Amber
        Rainbow 6/0 #6-256A (MI) Champagne

Needle size:  US 3 (3.25 mm) ChiaGoo needles

Finished size:  62" wide x 32" deep

Comments:  Another lovely knit!
Dolly Donhauser

Ravelry name: dollydonhauser

Yarn  and how much yardage: Anzula Cloud in Candy Apple, 119 grams

Beads  and how many: Fusion Beads: SB2843 Size 6 Silver Lined Ruby Red Rainbow Round Japanese Seed Bead, 30 grams

Needles size and finished size of project: size 4, 55" wide by 27" high
Mary Rose

Ravelry name, marydear

Yarn  and how much yardage:  Bernat Baby (the old style with no nylon in it)

Beads  and how many: none for this one

Needles size and finished size of project: US 4

Comments:I am not sure of my yardage as I used up lots of partially used balls of baby yarn that I had in my stash, and had to scramble at the end to come up with enough for the edge!

Mary Rose

Ravelry name: marydear

Yarn  and how much yardage: Lara's Creations Starlight ColourWave in Sangria

Beads and how many: 3 different types and LOTS

Needles size and finished size of project: US 3

Comments:  Andrea, you did it again...another really fun design to knit!  I had a ton of fun knitting it, and as soon as I steal it back from The Drama Queen I am sure I will have as much fun wearing it!

Jeri Riggs

Knitbird on Ravelry

Yarn: Eileen Fisher Linen chain yarn, don't know how much. Size 6 needles.
Size 38in. around chest
No beads

Comment: I adored making this vest and especially loved Chart A. When I got to the end, I felt it wasn't long enough, so I added the extra tier of ruffle using the final Chart again. I couldn't bear the thought of ripping it out to make it longer, so I thought a ruffle might be fun. I used silver toned buttons every 10 rows to add some flash. Thanks for a delightful knit, Andrea!


Ravelry name: spinnerj

Yarn  and how much yardage: Handsome Fibers Moll Flanders (80% BFL/20%silk) in the California colorway. Just under 100grams (875 yards per skein)

Beads and how many: Fusion Beads size 8 transparent light amber round Japanese seed beads

Needles size and finished size of project: size 3 needles
Thank you Andrea for doing this!  I am not sure of the finished size since I sent it off before I measured it.


Ravelry Name: Cali1951

Yarn: Lara’s Creations Starlight Fairy Blue
Needles US 3 3.25 mm

Beads: TOHO silver lined aquamarine 8/0
TOHO silver lined crystal 4mm cube

No extra repeats of any of the charts
Finished size 68” x 33”


Ravelry Name:  Cali1951

Yarn: Brown Sheep Legacy Lace (about .7 of skein)
Needles US 3 3.25 mm

Beads: #8 Toho Gold lined Crystal beads
            3mm Toho Gold Lined cube beads

No extra repeats of any of the charts, but all rows of Chart D completed
Blocked measurments 72” x 36.5”
As usual a FANTASTIC design. There is enough variety in each section to keep from getting bored and yet
Each section flows so naturally into the next. 
Thanks Again Andrea for such a great design.

Name: Catherine

Ravelry name: Isis

Yarn used: Hand Jive Knits Nature's Palette Silk and Wool Laceweight
How much: about 1145 yards

Beads used: 8/0 Triangles TR8 401FR Matte Black AB  from the Beaded Frog, a local shop (286) and 6/0 Dark Peach Lined Crystal AB from Earthfaire (47)
Needles used: US 4

Size of project: 70" across the top x 

Dawn Gayer

Ravelry name:  dawnadair

Yarn:  Posh Yarn Gretchen Lace - less than 875 yds.   

Beads:  Size 8 seed beads - purple with an irridescent finish

Needles:  US 3

Comments:  I only did one repeat of Chart B and did the full number of repeats of Chart D.  This was a fun project, and I enjoyed knitting along with everyone.  Thanks, Andrea, for another lovely pattern!

Cheryl Barnett

Ravelry name: Cheryl219

Yarn and how much yardage: I used JojoLand Melody, 3.6 skeins, 792 yds, 724 meters

Beads you used and how many: Beads were supposed to have been size 8 (Czech beads on a hank) but they were certainly much smaller - I even broke the crochet hook trying to add clue how many I used
Needles size and finished size of project:US size 5, 3.75mm
Forgot to measure the finished shawl and now it's with my daughter

Comments: LOVED this knit!!! It was involved enough to keep me from getting bored but not nearly as intricate as Sugar Plum Fairy which I had just finished before starting this. I loved the flexibility of making it larger or smaller, depending on what you wanted and the yarn available.

Another fabulous pattern from Andrea...


Ravelry name:  eblitz

Yarn  and how much yardage: Lara’s Creations Starlight Entrée, 875 yards, 100g

Beads  and how many:  Miyuki Size 8  #4220-Duracoat Galvanized Eggplant for body of shawl (perfect match), Czech Glass Size 6 Amethyst for edge

Needles size and finished size of project:  Size 6 Chiagoo Lace circular needle, size:  62” wide, 28” deep

Comments:  A beautiful pattern and very interesting to knit.  
Sue in CA

Rav name:  Monksqueedunk

Yarn:  Skein Vintage Lace in color "cherub"
            Used about 800 yards

Beads: from Stash. I had 20 gms but used about 10.  No color available
Needles:  US 3

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