Monday, June 4, 2012

SugarPlumFairy Gallery!!

Without further interruptions, I bring you the 2012 SugarPlum Gallery Post. If you want to see even more finished projects check out the Ravelry page!  If you scroll down to the end of this post you will see the Gallery Post prize winners, selected randomly, because all these knitters are winners!  The full pattern will be available on Ravelry soon, but if you want it now you can join the project group, which will remain open for now.  Details are here.  Details from each knitter are below their photos!
Name Annie Ham
Ravelry name: weaverannie
Yarn used: Drops Lace
Needle size: 2.5 mm
Comments: The beads are hardly visible, but are really nice in this shawl.
Name: Annie Ham
Ravelry name: weaverannie
Yarn used: a machine knitting yarn somebody gave me when she stopped machine knitting.
Needle size 2.5 mm.
Comments: I took this with me on holiday to France and knitted on and on: there were so many beads on the yarn! In the end, back home, I just stopped.

Name: Cindy Harrison
Ravelry Name: dcharrison
Yarn: Colourmart 2/36NM Cashmere/Silk in Pale Lilac
Needles: 2.75mm / US #2 ChiaoGoo Lace circular needles
Size: 36" wide x 68" high
Comments: I loved knitting this, but it really became a pleasure when it just suddenly clicked in Chart 4 so that I didn't have to constantly look at my chart once I had done a repeat.  It was given as a gift to my niece, who modeled it for me as well.  I used Beads from - Toho #269 - 1.5mm squares transparent lavender ab
& Toho #269A - 8/0 seed beads lavender lined iridescent

Name Cynthia Peek
Ravelry Name femknit
Yarn used Colourmart Cash Silk 2/36 Colour 703282
Needle size US 2 (2.75 mm)
Finished Dimensions 6’ x 33”
Comments Another stunning design, and the yarn you suggested was one I would never have tried!  This is an amazing piece of art.

Name - Dawn Gayer
Ravelry Name - dawnadair
Yarn used - Colourmart Cashmere/Silk 2/36NM
Needle size - US 2
Comments - I love the delicacy and intricacy of this shawl.  The last rows were endless, but it was well worth completing them.  Thanks a million, Andrea, for the fabulous pattern!
Name Dolly Donhauser
Ravelry Name dollydonhauser
Blog should have one
Yarn used Gossamer Webs Love Potion #3 in Periwinkle
Needle size US #2
Finished Dimensions 35.25" x 72"
Comments This was a wonderful project from start to finish. The design gave me a chance to make a piece that is truely breathtaking. The yarn was lovely to work with, a pretty color and finished like a dream. I got a chance to add teeny tiny crochet hooks to my tools. The shawl is light as a feather, and not one break in the yarn for the whole project. I used a dab (last 4 rows and cast off) of the second ball so total usage was a little over 1250 meters. I really enjoyed the companionship with the group. It is a powerful boost to knit with skilled knitters even if you can't drool over their work! Thanks!

Name: Flora
Yarn: 2/36 cashmere/silk yarn in pale lilac from Colourmart
Gauge: 44 stitches/20 rows = 10cm/4 inches Finished size:  semi-circular shawl is 72 inches across the top and 50 inches from top down center-back.

Name: Jocelyn Boisvert
Ravelry Name: JossRoll
Needle Size: 3 mm
Finished Dimension: 60” large X 52” long (point to point)
                                     36” center to point
Comments: Beads: Cube 1.5 mm Purple Lined Rosaline AB
                                   8/0 Silver-Lined Rosaline AB
                                   Very lovely shawl,  pleased to do this pattern.

Name: Karen Bowen
Ravelry Name: fireboysgirl
Blog: None
Yarn used: Made with Sweet Georgia Silk Lamb Lace, Black plum . Completed width is 72" and depth is 35 " at center point
Needle size:3 circular
Finished Dimensions:Completed width is 72" and depth is 35 " at center point
Comments: Finished shawl after clue five due to running out of yarn.  

Name : Mary
Ravelry Name : marydear
Yarn used: ColourMart 2/30 Merino in slate
Needle size: US 1 (2.5mm)
Finished Dimensions: Big, forgot to measure it!
Comments: As usual I had a great deal of fun knitting this project. It certainly kept me busy for many months! Love the mesh and how it makes the motifs really stand out.  I keep saying this about designs that Andrea creates, but it has to be the most beautiful thing I have ever knit.

Name: Sheila Macomber
Ravelry Name: Lacesheknits
Blog N/A
Yarn used: Skacel Merino Lace in Plum
Needle size: 2/2.75mm
Finished Dimensions: 72" x 35"
Comments: 72" measured at the widest point - middle of sections 1 and 5. 35" measured down center back. Yardage estimate is 1650. I used 120 grams of yarn at 1375 per100 gram skein.
This was the hardest lace pattern I have worked to date. But I love the bead work and even the lines of tiny beads! Andrea's designs are fascinating the way shapes form and morph as you knit! 

Name  Stacey Wright
Ravelry Name StaceyLynn99
Yarn used  Land o Lakes Lady Katie
Needle size US 3
Finished Dimensions  65" x 36"

Name:  Sue in CA
Ravelry Name: Monksqueedunk
Blog:  n/a
Yarn used:
Wool Candy Souffle Lace (Alpaca, Cashmere, Silk)  1.5 skeins or 1950 yards
Needle size: US 3
Finished Dimensions:  62 inches diameter
Comments:  This is a spectacular heirloom piece!

Name  Jean Le Beau
Ravelry Name Cali1951
Yarn used Colourmart 2/36 cashmere silk 
Colorway: Tungsten
Beads: TOHO™ Cube 1.5mm Transparent Black Diamond AB
           TOHO™ Bead Round 8/0 Ceylon Smoke
Needle size US 2.5 3MM cubics
Finished Dimensions 72” x 40”
Comments   Absolutely gorgeous, definitely one of my favorites. 
As usual the instructions and charts were concise and easy to follow..
It was such fun watching the SugarPlumFairies emerge on the needles.
I’ll have to keep an eye on this one so it doesn’t “mysteriously disappear”  
Name    Cara Baustian
Ravelry Name    Stamax
Yarn used    Colourmart 2/36 Silk Cashmere blend
Needle size    US 2
Finished Dimensions
Comments    Such a beautiful shawl!  It was lovely to knit and  amazing to see blocked.

First Prize is the lovely dusty purple skein of EmmaLou, from LandOLace, in Shoreview.  This is a 1200 yard skein and comes with a ChiaoGoo US 2/49 inch needle from StitchDragon.  The winner is Sue!!  The second prize in the lovely ColourWave Morsel in Garden Mist, From Lara's Creations and comes with a ChiaoGoo US14 crochet hook from StitchDragon.  The winner is Flora!  Third prize is a lovely skein of LouLou, from LandOLace, in Anoka.  The winner is Stacy!  You have been selected in a totally random fashion, by the lovely BadKitten, right out of the hat, no peaking!!  Please email with your addresses so I can send your goodies ASAP!

I will be back on June 8th with a very special post about a very special book, in which I have a design!  And I will have a book to give away, so be sure to come by on June 8th for a chance to win this lovely book!  I will also be back soon with details about my summer project, so stay alert!  Until then, knit on...


  1. So much fun to see all these finished projects! What wonderful work everyone has done with this breathtaking pattern. Thanks to all for sharing. And congratulations to the 3 lucky winners of the Gallery Post prizes. You will most definitely enjoy those wonderful yarns and tools. I has been a pleasure knitting with you all. As always, thank you, Andrea!

  2. I love all of them! Congrats to the winners as well!

  3. Beautiful shawls, all of them!

  4. What a magnificent gallery of SugarPlumFairies! This is such a beautiful pattern, Andrea, not to mention the fact that you have taught so many of us lace knitting skills. Congratulations to everyone for wonderful work!

  5. Congratulations to everyone. We all took "First Place" with this lovely design!!!!!
    I don't think it can be said enough how much we appreciate the Lovely Andrea for sharing her talents and especially her love of lace.
    Thanks again Andrea

  6. Fantastically unique and beautiful. Each knitter did an amazing job realizing the genius of Andrea. It is pure delight looking at all of the finished projects! What an inspiration!!

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