Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sugar Plum Fairy Winter 2012 Group Project Announcement!

"Do you know the story of the Nutcracker? It all started with a king, a queen, some mice, and a young princess named Pirlipat." For anyone who grew up with E.T.A. Hoffmann's tale about the Nutcracker and the Mouse King this line will bring you back to wonderful Christmas trees, magical gifts and a fantasy world. As a child growing up in New York City, the winter holidays meant one thing. The Nutcracker Ballet! And I saw some amazing dancers over the years, most recently when my mother and I took my daughter a few winters ago. Marzipan ladies and gentleman indeed!
This special project combines lace weight yarn, two different types of beads, nupps, hex mesh, flowers, fairies, and fir trees in a gossamer confection. The finished piece is a semi-circle (more than a half-circle) and can be made as a full circle with minimal modifications. The project is fun and challenging. Knitters must be comfortable using charts. This project has about 280 rows of lace knitting without ANY repeats.
I promise all of you a real treat, both to knit and enjoy as an heirloom. Are you interested in joining us?

For those of you who have done groups with me before, you know the deal. For those who have not, a special YahooGroup has been set up for this project. You must have a Yahoo log-on to access the group, which is free. If you do not already have one, follow this link and make one!

All conversations about the project, project files and photographs will “live” at the group and you can access them at your convenience. All conversation will take place through the group email. I will be available to present new files almost every week, reply to questions and generally support your success, plus have a lot of fun knitting and sharing. We will also be setting up an optional Ravelry group (for chat only) when we cast-on.

The group is opening 12/10/11 and the project will begin in early January. The project membership fee is $16. This is payable to, via PayPal. If you need me to send you an invoice or have any other questions, please send me an email request with SugarPlumFairy in the subject line. Once payment is received, an invitation to the SugarPlumFairy group will be sent to you and you can join and introduce yourself!

We will be chatting about materials and schedules for the next few weeks and begin swatching on New Year's Eve. Happy Holidays to all...


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  2. I would love to knit this stunning pattern and have already paid via paypal.
    Please inform me about the next steps.
    Thank you and congratulation on this beautiful shawl :).

  3. Hallo ist das muster noch erhältlich ?? ich kan leider kein englisch es ist aber wunderschön Ganz liebe Grüsse marlies

  4. I'm trying to send you photos of my finished SPF and of the Hex Mesh shawl, but the computer on which the photos are is giving us e-mail problems and didn't allow me to send them until now. I'll send them to you as soon as I can.

  5. Hi, I am knitting the Sugar Plum Fairy Shawl and on row 109 there are 3 dots at the beginning of the row and 3 dots at the end. does this mean to do 2 3 cluster stitches? joan stedman email