Saturday, February 18, 2012

LOTS of Good Things! SugarPlumFairy revealed, a new design in a new book and a Pantone color game! What more could you ask for?

First, my winter group has been speeding through a couple of hundred charted lines of lace and many hundred stitches, and a few people have actually finished this week!  In their honor I am posting a few finish photos.  The blocking photo is posted at the winter group and will be on Ravelry later today.  If you want the pattern please join the group to access the files.  The group will remain open all winter.  Details are here!
You can see how large the piece is, and how well it wraps around the wearer.  I think you might be able to see the sun sparkle off the beads too!
The wind was not helping us when we took this photo, but you get the idea...
This is light as chiffon!  More photos coming soon, and check out all the working photos on Ravelry.

Next, I have a design in this lovely new book by Iris Schreier!  Of course, my design uses the skinniest yarn available for this concept project, a gorgeous 1-ply cashmere by ArtYarns.
Here is a photo of my Elegant Triangle from the book, and you can see details here.  You can see all the projects in the book here!  The publisher was kind enough to give me an extra copy of this book, just so I could share it with you!  So here is the deal:  Read my challenge below and leave an appropriate comment here at the blog.  Be sure you either have an account that shares your contact info OR you include your email address after your comment.  If you do not I can't reach you, so can't give you the book.  If you live in the US I will send you the book.  If you live outside the US and you are willing to cover postage I will also send you the book!  Fair enough?  Read on...

The Pantone Spring colors came out a little while ago, and sure enough my last two group projects are right on.  How is it that I am so cutting edge I choose the colors before they do, you might ask?  I am also asking that, and believe it or not I have another piece in the works using yet another of these colors (or one pretty darn close.)  And it isn't in the purple family, just saying.  So guess the color from the Spring 2012 Pantone colors that is in my knitting bag right now, and also tell me what color my summer project should be, so we can set the trend for Summer or Fall colors.  I will choose from the correct guesses for the project in my bag, and then select the one I like best, for the summer project suggestions!  I will announce the winner here and also send you an email asking for your address.  By the way, humorous comments might get extra credit.
Pantone Spring 2012 colors...


  1. Cockatoo, mint green, it's one of my favorites

  2. Cabaret, then cockatoo or mint green for summer.

  3. A cockatoo in your bag is worth two in the bush! I think a summer project in would be lovely in salmon/coral.

  4. I'm going to have to go with I wish was in my glass at the moment--Margarita!

  5. Hmm...Cabernet, Mint Julep or Margarita... I am sensing a trend here. Kahlua anyone?

  6. Tangerine Tango and Cockatoo. I've been loving the combination of rusty reds/oranges and aqua. And I loved the mental picture of a cockatoo doing the tangerine tango!

  7. I'll go out on a limb and guess you have tangerine on the needles. Yumm!

    When I first looked at the pantone page I immediately thought of solar storms and the aurora borealis. The yellow (Solar Power) isn't in the aurora (that I know of), but the Cabaret does come close to a color seen in the aurora. Cabaret is my suggestion for the summer.


  8. Hmmm--decisions decisions! I'm going to guess Cockatoo for the project in your bag right now. No wait, Starfish!! No wait, Driftwood!! If they had a color called Chardonnay I would have no problem!!

    I'm thinking Margarita for the summer. Except I don't drink Tequila (and believe me--you don't want me drinking Tequila). It is a pretty color though.

  9. I cannot say enough of how well designed your projects are. I am not a veteran knitter so I get stuck alot of patterns. But not these the wording and patterns are put together so well. Thank you so so much for being so creative. I can hardly wait till the next design and I will be ordering your book for sure....

    thank you,
    or on raverly

  10. Here we go again:

    Back and forth between Cabaret and Margarita [mmm - alcoholic slurpy - summertime!) so lime green it is for the next project.

    As for your present one - I went with driftwood (it's far from purple)

    By the way, I do live in the Slurpy Capitol of Canada but I've never seen Margaritas for sale at 7-11 and now that I've read others' comments, I see I am not alone!

    Joan K, Winnipeg, Canada

  11. If it's not purple it might be "Sodalite Blue". And for your summer project I vote for "Cabaret ".

  12. You have such a fabulous way with lace and color.
    I love your patterns.

    I am going to guess Cockatoo for the project in your bag.

    Thank you

  13. Summer in NYC is HOT so I vote for Cool Cockatoo. Congratulations on being so on target with the hot colors!!

    looking forward to the summer project...

    Sue in CA

  14. Let's see, I don't drink very often, so I think the spring project should be in Tangerine Tango - I do love to dance!

    As for what you are using in your bag right now - I'll go with Cockatoo so that the project will fly off your needles faster than you anticipate!

  15. My mind's eye for colors are changing very quickly. I think anything from deep creams to camel and honey bridge the gap from summer to fall. My imagination runs from deeply tanned people having fun on the sandy beach and all too soon leaves of brown and tan fall to dress the forest floor. Thanks for sharing a chance to add a new book to our libraries.
    Deb from MN
    bluewingteal for a Ravelry moniker

  16. Guess I will have to try again later, if I remember, I can't get the link to load for me to look at the colors.