Sunday, June 24, 2012


My summer 2012 group project is about to go live, so if you are interested in joining me here are the details!

First, the group will open on July 1st and I will update the blog with those specs late this week.  The cost will be U.S. $6.50 for a great project and some yummy drinks!  We will cast-on mid-July and be done by late August.

Second, I will give you a materials list in case you are interested!  The summer project is a change of pace from our last two projects.  This will be a top down triangle that can also be made as a square.  It is great vacation knitting.  All the charts can repeat and the final chart can be added to any of the previous charts.  In fact I consider this project to be the perfect wedding party project.  You can make several shawls that are related but different.  Plus we are going to sample different Sangria recipes and you can knit and drink Sangria.  It works for me!  Here is the basic material list:

Materials for the Triangle
-1 skein Starlight Semi-Solid EntrĂ©e from Lara’s Creations, shown in Crushed Boysenberries.  The yarn is 75% superwash Merino, 20% silk and 5% Stellina and has 100grams and 875 yards per skein.  100grams of yarn with equivalent yardage and some Merino wool content will work.  I suggest using either a semi-solid color, one of Lara’s gradient colors, or a yarn with very long color repeats.  The design offers several possible points to add or subtract repeats, so any fine yarn can work, from cobweb to a light fingering.  If you choose a finer yarn get more yardage.  As for color choices, I suggest a color that makes you think of a summer fruit!  Berries, peach, melon….
-20 grams of 8/0 beads to match your yarn.  Shown in Japanese F023D, matt silver-lined Plum.  Choose something that matches your yarn.  You will need more if you want a larger piece.
-10 grams of 6/0 or E beads with some contrast to your yarn.  Shown in Czech crystal-Bronze lined Ab.  These are for the final edge, so a little zing is good.  You will need more if you want a larger piece.
-US 3 (32 inch) circular needle or size to get gauge (or with a gauge that pleases you.)  If you exceed my gauge you might need more yardage.
-US1 or 2 crochet hook for bind-off if you use the crochet bind-off option as shown
-US 14 crochet hook or size to fit your yarn and beads
-Waste yarn for provisional cast-on
-Yarn needle to weave ends
-Blocking wires and pins
-Stitch markers if you like
-For a square you will need twice the amount of yarn and beads (and more for a larger square) plus a set of 5 double point needles and a set of circular needles in up to 40 inches.  Seriously, you can make this any size you like as long as you have enough yarn.

Now for the Sangria drink materials, and mind you there will be a new recipe each time I post new charts:
One bottle of dry rose wine.  Mine is a French Rose.  Some fruit liqueur.  I had some Triple Sec in my wine closet, but if I had a better liqueur I would use is!  Some summer fruit.  I had strawberries, white grapes and a nectarine.  You also need ice.
 First cut the fruit and fill your pitcher.  I diced the fruit and left a few larger pieces over for the wine glasses.
For my petite pitcher I used 3 shots of the Triple Sec to 2 cups of wine.  You can vary this based on how sweet you like your Sangria.  Chill it and let the fruit soak for a few hours.  When ready to serve put a few ice cubes in each glass and pour!

I will be back at the end of the week with details about how to join the group.  In the mean time start considering you materials and make some Sangria!


  1. hurry with the info- having e- mail problems and do not want to miss this!
    hugs, char

  2. Please tell me where I can order the beads. I've done many searches online and cannot come up with them. My Crushed Boysenberry yarn should be here today and I'd like to get the beads. Thanks for your help. Carolyn

  3. Carolyn,
    Your comment is anonymous so I have no way to contact you. We will discuss materials once I opne the group.

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