Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Squares Take Two: Picking up along the edge

The second week of our Summer Squares Suite takes us to our second square! This square uses some textured stitches and is another "medallion" square. I call this square The Double Bass. It is one of a series of squares that are part of a small string orchestra, if you will. The chart will be posted on The Summer Squares Group tomorrow! We are also moving forward on the first square I posted (last week.) For those of you knitting squares for a blanket, you can hold tight with your first squares, and move on to the second square. For those of you working on the full Golden Eye pattern, the border chart will be posted on The Summer Squares group tomorrow! The Diamond Border is picked up around the square using a circular needle, and is worked out toward the edges, increasing as you go.

Today's low-tech video shows how I pick-up stitches around my square. I am suggesting that you pick-up the "bumps" and not the "bars" of the garter stitch edges of the square, and I will show you how I do it. There is nothing wrong with picking up the "bars" but the look is not the same. You will get the appearance of small eyelets if you pick-up the bars, and the pick-up along the sides will not match the top and bottom edges. Remember that at the top we have our live stitches, and at the bottom we have our provisional cast-on, so these will be clean lines without any eyelets.

Enjoy your week! I will be back next week with a third square, the edging for The Golden Eye pattern, and a technique video about edgings! I might have some pretty food too...

Until then, knit on!

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  1. The video is cool! And the square design is hot--I love it!