Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jade Flower

As promised, I present the second new design I had at TNNA this past weekend. This is slightly more than half a circle, and sits very well on the wearer. It is called Jade Flower.
It requires 2 skeins of Jade Sapphire 2-ply Mongolian Cashmere. I used color #100, which is called Jade Sapphire. It also uses 8-0 Japanese seed beads in silver-lined teal AB. The beads match the yarn very well, so add a bit of glitter without being obtrusive.
The piece is knit from the center neck down. The top edging is a very pretty leaf motif which rolls gently under, giving it a really nice, finished look.
Because the piece is more than half a circle, it fits and stays in place very well.
Here you can see the neck detail while my piece was blocking.
This pattern is now available through shops that stock Jade Sapphire yarns and patterns. It is brand new, so if they don't have it ask them to order it!
Do you think she will give it back to me?

I think you get the idea! I will be back on June 21st with the Summer Squares launch. Until then, knit on! I certainly will be...


  1. I love it!!!!!!! you have so many beautiful little details in it. And it covers enough to be a perfect winter shawl. Another marvelous piece!

    Umm, I think you may have to change Bad Kitten's name to Naughty Cat, wow, she's so lovely and grown up looking!

  2. Hello ...
    my english is not so good, so I don´t write here much - your new Shawl is very very beautiful ! Last Time I bought the Autumn in New York Pattern. Don´t know when I knit the Shawl, but I love the Pattern.
    Wish you a nice Time.

    Many Greetings from Hamburg/Germany;