Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Crimson Cowl

Live from TNNA...well, not really. I am live from New York, but some of my new design work is live from TNNA this weekend!
I designed two new pieces for Jade Sapphire. One is in the cowl family. This pieces uses two skeins of Jade Sapphire Handspun. The yarn has been available in a limited palette for quite some time, but they just expanded the line with a wonderful new bunch of colors. The yarn is really handspun, from Mongolian Cashmere. It might be the softest yarn I have ever worked with. Having this next to your neck is wonderful; as good as really fine chocolate, on my luxury scale.
This patterns has a few cables and a bit of lace. There are even some optional beads. You can wear the collar up or down. For anyone lucky enough to be at TNNA, I understand you can see The Crimson Cowl in the entire color range. Some amazing, faster than lightening knitter made one in every color. You know who you are!

Get the pattern (and the yarn) from any store the stocks Jade Sapphire Handspun. They won't have it yet, but ask them to order it. Hot off the press!

I'll be back in a few days to introduce the second new design making a debut at TNNA. Until then, take a look at my previous post for all the details on my 2009 summer project. We won't cast-on until June 21st, so there is still time to join and ponder your stash! Until then, knit on.

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