Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Rhinebeck Report

Can you say "CROWDED?" I have been going to Rhinebeck for maybe 15 years, and I am blown away by what has happened to the charming 4H event. The parking lot was already very busy at 9am on Saturday, and got progressively worse through the day. By the afternoon, I felt like I was on the Lexington Avenue Subway Line during rush hour. There was a huge line of tour buses. Who would have imagined? That said, it was a cool fall day, the leaves were turning and I was with good company, so I can't complain. I'll cut right to the chase. BadKitten got a blue ribbon for her weaving. Note the large rosette. That would be Best in Show for woven items. Not in the junior class. In the entire show. I will stop bragging now. She also got a fifth for a lovely silk and cotton plaited twill...
On Sunday, we did the Fleece to Shawl event. You can see our sign and team, waiting for the starting bell. BadKitten was weaving.
Here you can see our finished shawl. We didn't place well because we were "short." That means we didn't make 72 inches in length, so we got a huge deduction. I take the blame because I totally under-estimated how much loss in length we would have. We used singles, and the take-up was really crazy. Live and learn! BadKitten was amazing, not only weaving well, but holding up to the fierce pressure of BadCat. We were pretty pleased with our finished piece.
Here you can see dueling Lyras. I am sure you know which is mine! The judges thought I needed to do a better blocking job. Hello? Did you see my blocking job? Did you see LucyFur supervising? I'll shut up now...
Pears came in second in her class.
The Summer Sampler also got a second...
And here is the Best in Show. This is an Estonian sampler. The judges are very impressed with nupps! It was really nice work.

I am almost recovered and I'll be back by the weekend with a materials list for the Autumn BadCat-a-long. Until then, knit on!


  1. Millions of congratulations to both large and small felines! I love your Lyra! I give you a Purple and Green Supreme Award for your Lyra. So there!

  2. Yeah, I second what Fleegle says! Big wow!

  3. Magnificent display of all your lace! Congratulations on your Awards even though the judges must be demented to find anything lacking in your blocking! Special Kudos to BadKitten on her weaving Blue Ribbon. It's stunning :-)

  4. Wow. BadKitten's Best of Show certainly deserved it! That's incredible, and beautiful, weaving. I want to touch it . . . :o)

    I can't wait for the next project. Your design work is so interesting.

  5. Awesome job to both you and your daughter, just lovely!!

  6. Congrats on a great showing at Rhinebeck! I'm especially fond of the Pears shawl so I'm glad it did well. Extra kudos to BadKitten for her Best-in-Show :-))))

  7. Just saw your sheep to shawl team on Anne Hanson's blog. Thought you might want to check it out. congratulations on all the wonderful work.