Saturday, October 25, 2008

And now for something completely different...

Or at least one or two standard deviations off the mean. Does anyone want to knit with me? I am making something pretty, fun and warm. It will be finished in very short order, leaving me plenty of time to prepare my Thanksgiving feast! Shall we start with materials?

-About 600 meters of fingering to sport-weight yarn. The piece was designed to use yarn with long color changes, such as Noro Kureyon Sock or Noro Silk Garden Sock or Yarn TreeHouse Melody or Yarn Place Adagio. A solid color in the same weight would also work well. I am using the Noro Silk Garden Sock at the front of the picture, and I have 2 balls. If you are using one of the other options, have 2 balls of the Kureyon Sock or 3-4 balls of the Melody or Adagio on hand. The pattern has a place to make the piece larger, so if you want a big shawl get more yarn!

-You will need knitting needles to obtain gauge. I am using US 4 needles. Anything from US 4-7 will work, but it you go for a bigger gauge, you will use more yarn. Have a 32 inch circular available.
-You will need a set of double point needles in the same size as your main needles if you try my modified Turkish cast-on.
-You will need at least 2 stitch markers, t-pins to block and a yarn needle to weave in ends.

Gauge? Five stitches to the inch in stockinette stitch, but not critical!

What? A neck down triangle with four different patterns. The patterns are simple enough to compliment the texture and color changes of the Noro yarn, but interesting enough to keep you awake. For anyone interested in design, the flow from chart to chart might be interesting. I will include ideas for modifying the design to use a solid color yarn and beads. Interesting techniques will include a discussion about double decreases and a nice way to cast-on for a neck down piece.

Time frame? The first chart and cast-on is going up right after Halloween and the final chart will be up for Thanksgiving.

What more can I say? Go check your stash!


  1. Oh what the heck, I'll knit with you!!! :) I'm already overdrawn on the minutes in a day, what's a few more? I'll be waiting anxiously for that first chart! :)


  2. Very cool, incentive to finish some projects this week :-)

  3. It sounds intriguing, and the coloration wil make it especially beautiful. Got my own quick knits in the queue though :(

  4. Autumn is my favorite time of year. It will be great to have a shawl to remind me of it. can't wait to start!!!

  5. I am about to go to a wool festival, so I can pick up some new yarn there!

  6. I'd love to join too. Seems I always join these things at the worst time of year, but, now I'm staying home for awhile and may actually get something done.
    Can't wait!
    Sheri in GA

  7. I would love to join as this sounds very intriquing but I am curious what the skill level will be for this as I am a fairly new knitter...
    By the way... LOVE your work.. I am in Awe of the Beautiful shawls...

  8. Dear Toni,
    Skill level? You need to be willing to knit from a chart and understand a right and left leaning decrease. I will try to include loads of details so all lace knitters feel comfortable joining.

  9. It must be ESP. I just bought sime noro sild garden sock yarn with the thoughts of making socks. Now your idea sounds better. I am looking forward to knitting along with you.

  10. From the Netherlands. You won't believe this or you'd better believe it.Yesterday afternoon I went to a second hand goodwill store where I had spotted a spinningwheel Louet S10 like for about 25 US dollars, I can't spin yet, but hey, learning equipment at give away price, I extended my trip to the LYS and bought some acryl yarn to knit sweaters for Kika-bears (bears sold for the benefit of Childrens Cancer Fund) and spotted an autumncolors Noro sock yarn I could not resist.I bought just one ball, not yet knowing what to do with it. Now I know, please join me in. I'll get the other ball some time this week, it takes only fifteen carminutes to get there or an hour by bike. Margreet A.