Friday, October 17, 2008

I am moving at warp speed!

I am here with a quick post to share my warp progress. You can see, the warp in on the back beam just before I thread the heddles and the reed. For you weavers out there, I like to warp back to front, especially for hand-spun. I will have the finished product to show you after I make it through this weekend! And as promised, my booty from Soar! Two lovely Spindlewood spindles. The square one is Afzelia Burl with an Ebony shaft and weights 24 grams. The other has a purpleheart and ebony whorl with an ebony shaft. It weight 34 grams. The small skein is some natural pale brown Polworth.
And finally, a Golding spindle, made of walnut with a brass ring and insert. She weights 0.8 ounces. The yarn is some white Polworth, spun on this spindle. The guitar pick is to give you a size concept. I think this is some of the nicest fiber I have ever spun, and that is really saying something. I got it from Rovings (at SOAR.)
And here is a close-up. Don't drool on your keyboard...
And for good measure, this insect was on my front door. It was as big as my hand. On that note, I will see you all in Rhinebeck!!


  1. Stunning spindles! Wish I were going to Rhinebeck. A friend of mine is going and she will be searching for some exotic laceweight for me. Have fun!

  2. I think it's a praying mantis. I had one on my front door about a month ago. Beautiful spindles.

  3. I have that Golding and another one as well as many others. Both spin beautifully. And what good luck to find a praying mantis. We have lots of those and walking sticks in our yard but we back up to the forest. :)